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Trump attorney Evan Corcoran will testify before the grand jury on Friday as the classified documents case heats up

One of the foundations of the American legal system is the concept of attorney-client privilege, which means that communications and conversations between an attorney...

LeBron James denies return schedule after reports claim he would play last week of Lakers regular season

LeBron James could be nearing a return to court, but it may not be as soon as previously anticipated.The Los Angeles Lakers star kicked...

How Joel Embiid and James Harden built an offensive juggernaut for the 76ers

oops!Something went wrong.Try again later.Yahoo Sports senior NBA writers Jake Fischer and Dan Devine talk to each other about the first episode of "No...

LeBron James is targeting the final week of the Lakers regular season to return to the court

LeBron James could return to court before the end of the regular season.The Los Angeles Lakers star took off his hiking boot and began...

Can the Padres overtake the Dodgers? What’s next for Giants, Diamondbacks? And then there’s the Rockies

Baseball season is right around the corner, which means it’s time for divisional previews! To get you ready for MLB Opening Day on March...


The Dow Jones Industrial Average wavered at the end of trading on Thursday. A basket of homebuilding stocks, which performed well, stood out...


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