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178 flies into a Marriott hotel restaurant and other Miami metro trash. See inspections

Swarms of flies and a cockroach falling from a paper towel dispenser in front of an inspector are on this week’s list of South Florida restaurants that failed inspection.

Before we get into the details of Broward and Palm Beach restaurants (no Miami-Dade or Florida Keys this week), a reminder: the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation conducts the inspections and chooses which places to inspect, sometimes urged by complaints from the public.

In alphabetic order:

Boca Raton Marriott Hotel, 5150 Town Center Cir., Boca Raton: Routine inspection, seven violations in total, two high priority violations.

The inspector counted 178 flies, 100 of which were in the washing up area of ​​the main kitchen, “landing on mops, the dishwasher, the wall, clean trays and clean plastic containers.”

Another 15 were in the dining area bar “flying around a crate near the sink,” while 21 “landed on the wall and cabinets.” At the guard station, eight flies flew around and landed on pepper shakers.

The number of flies far outnumbered the two live and one dead cockroach, although the one dead cockroach did damage a clean cutting board.

In the large kitchen storage area, the inspector noticed that dishes were stored in such a way that they were not protected from debris falling from the ceiling.

The inspector returned to the Marriott for a same-day re-inspection, which the restaurant passed.

Gabriel’s Cafe & Grille, 12793 Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington: Routine eating, a total of nine violations, six high priority violations.

At Gabriel’s place were a dozen pieces of common rodent manure, two of which were under a storage rack for clean pans, another two under a dry storage shelf with “large containers of sugar and flour” and another two “next to Ragu sauce on dry storage shelf with spices …”

Restaurants that can’t properly cool their pre-cooked food below 41 degrees are putting customers at risk and Gabriel is caught with turkey soup, hard-boiled eggs and sliced ​​watermelon, all still too warm from the day before after a night in the not-good-enough coolers . Stop Sales came their way.

Between uses, wipers should be in a sanitizing solution of 100 parts per million. Gabriel measured 10 ppm.

Gabriel’s were able to blow their horn again after the next day’s re-inspection.

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Rotelli Pizza & Pasta, 15064 Jog Rd., Delray Beach: Routine inspection, three violations total, two high priority violations.

Of the ten dead cockroaches, eight were under a deep fryer. Five live cockroaches were spotted. Management was so alarmed by two live cockroaches under a two-tiered cooking table that they removed the table from the restaurant.

Rotelli passed the next day’s re-examination.

Wally Caramel Restaurant, 4711 NW 14 St., Lauderhill: Food license inspection, 13 violations total, five high priority violations.

This is not the way to get your food permit.

Stop Sales amounted to boiled goat 23 degrees too warm, marinated fish and gravy sauce each 11 degrees too warm after being left in a cool box overnight.

“Yellow lids of food containers contaminated with grease.”

Then there were the twenty rodent droppings on cooking lids on dry kitchen shelves. Another 10 pieces of poop were in an office near reception. Seven were elsewhere in the kitchen.

One dead cockroach was in the kitchen bathroom.

The mop sink was already clogged.

No way to dry your hands at the front hand wash sink.

Wally’s world was better after the callback inspection the next day.

Zipz’s NY Pizza Co., 836 W Indiantown Rd., Jupiter: Complaint inspection, a total of six violations, five high priority violations.

Two roaches were in a paper towel dispenser next to the stove and one fell out of the paper towel dispenser into the sink next to the stove. These cockroaches hung around the feeding areas. One cockroach moved across the floor next to the stove; another on a wooden box in front of the stove. Three of them were under the pizza oven.

An employee’s bottle of Minute Maid was stuck in the ice used for drinks. Because the ice cream goes into glasses for customers, that’s contamination, so a Stop Sale crashed on all the ice cream.

Stop Sales also found tomato sauce left in a walk-in cooler overnight, but which should have been in something smaller than a covered 10-gallon jar for safe refrigeration.

During the next day’s re-inspection, the cockroaches walked, among other things, on a sandwich cutting board (one), next to the wine bottles at the bar (one), under a cutlery container (two). Eight dead cockroaches were under a cook line cooler, two near the counter, two under the stove, another two under a hand wash sink, one under a flour rack and four others

Zipz passed the re-inspection the next day.

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