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5G cell tower at the Wyandotte school causes confusion in the community

WYANDOTTE, Michigan (CBS DETROIT) – Concerns about 5G cell phone towers have many Wyandotte residents talking. It’s all about a tower being placed at George Washington Elementary School.

Parents and other residents are searching for answers after T-Mobile 5G towers recently showed up at the school.

Those concerns reached thousands and more than 1,500 people have signed a petition asking for the tower to be moved.

The tower, which stands above the school’s playground, is too close for comfort. Some parents question the amount of radiation emitted into the atmosphere and the effect it has on children and staff.

“My concern is the radiation waves that will radiate from that cell tower,” said Caitlin Moore.

During the meeting, parents exclaimed that they were looking for answers to their questions.

During the Thursday evening meeting, school leaders, including the superintendent, went out to explain to the residents, but everyone had heard enough.

According to school leaders, T-Mobile approached the district in 2017 for the placement of the towers. Local leaders approved it, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the installation process.

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In the deal, the district will receive a monthly payment of $1,000.

“$1,000 a month to put our kids at risk for the rest of the month,” said Josh Castmore.

Tensions rose during the event, to the point where Wyandotte Superintendent Catherine Cost ended the meeting.

Parents still have more questions than answers, but some threaten to escalate the situation even more.

“The question is whether we should file a lawsuit to prevent this or if we can negotiate to move this,” Castmore said.

School leaders say the tower is safe, but many parents don’t buy it. In an effort to determine the tower’s effects, some parents have banded together to have their own research conducted.

“Everyone who was here tonight did their own research. We didn’t need to hear the information she got from T-Mobile,” Castmore said.

As of Thursday night, it’s unclear whether a second meeting will take place before the tower is turned on.

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