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A brief explanation of jury selection for the defendant, Donald Trump

After two days of jury selection in his first criminal trial, Donald Trump expresses some confusion about the selection process. He complained on Truth Social on Wednesday that he thought “STRIKES were supposed to be ‘unlimited’ when we picked our jury? Then I was told we only had 10, not nearly enough when we purposely selected the second worst location in the got land.”

Setting aside the unusual capitalization and location quibble, let’s clarify the rules that anyone sitting in a Manhattan courtroom paying attention to their own trial should definitely understand. Seven jurors have been chosen so far and selection will resume on Thursday.

First the strikes Are unlimited for the so-called because of the cause challenges, that is, challenges to people who cannot be honest or are otherwise unqualified to serve.

Second, the “only 10” complaint is about a simple application of the law, where each party gets 10 of what is called compelling strikes in the prosecution of E-level crimes, such as the corporate data falsification charge that Trump is fighting (he has pleaded not guilty). Each side also gets two such strikes for alternate jurors in addition to the regular 12-person jury. Either side can use peremptory strikes to dismiss potential jurors without giving a reason (but not for illegal reasons such as race).

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So whatever the former president was “told” about having ten peremptory strikes, that is not an innovation of the Trump process, but rather the law. He, his lawyers, and anyone else curious enough to check this out could have (and probably did) do this long before this week.

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This article was originally published on MSNBC.com

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