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A Broward felon escaped from Florida’s prison system in Miami. What you need to know

A Hollywood-born burglar escaped Saturday afternoon from a Florida Department of Corrections private prison in West Miami-Dade and remains at large.

Here’s what online court and prison records say about 32-year-old Joshua Thompson.

What does Joshua Thompson look like?

Thompson is a black man who entered the Florida Department of Corrections in August 2021 with a shaved head. His arrest records put him at 5 feet 11 or 6 feet tall. He weighed 150 pounds when he was last arrested, in 2019, but inmates tend to gain weight in prison.

He went to prison under the name “Joshua Thompson”, but has been arrested in Broward under Yeshua Banner and Yeshua Jericho Banner. Those are two of 11 aliases for Thompson listed by the Department of Corrections.

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What did Joshua Thompson do?

Thompson suffered numerous arrests but became a reluctant guest of the state after being convicted of four counts of burglary of an occupied residence, one count of grand larceny of $300 to $5,000; trade in stolen goods; giving false information to a pawnbroker; and felony criminal mischief.

For these crimes committed in 2017 and 2018, Thompson was sentenced on June 29, 2021 to concurrent prison terms of six years and six months.

Thompson served time in prison from September 27, 2012 through March 10, 2017 for burglary, grand larceny, forgery and drug possession.

What should you do if you know anything about Thompson’s whereabouts?

If you know anything about where Thompson is or has been since Saturday afternoon, you can call the police or your county sheriff. Or you can call the Florida Department of Corrections at 850-922-6867.

What facility did Thompson escape from?

Thompson escaped at 4:55 p.m. Saturday from the Miami-North Community Release Center, 7090 NW 41st St. This is not to be confused with Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, the county’s main jail, which sits on the same property.

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TGK is run by Miami-Dade Corrections, a provincial agency. Thompson escaped from a minimum security state facility run by a private company, Management & Training Corporation.

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