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A look into Chris Evans’ private romance with Alba Baptista

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Alba Baptista must love dogs.

Or at least one dog whose heart he has completely won Chris Evanswho, above all else – including movie star Captain America and reigning “Sexiest Man Alive” – is Dodger’s father.

“Look, not everyone likes dogs,” the actor told E! News in April while promoting its partnership with pet food brand Jinx. ‘That does not matter. But if you’re not the least bit charmed by him, maybe that says something.’

Consider Baptista charmed: She casually dropped a photo of Evans’ now highly recognizable rescue boxer in a May 18 Instagram slideshow titled “Some winter Love stories.” What Dodgers people liked.

But for the most part, he and Baptista have kept a very low profile as a couple, and were not photographed holding hands until November when news broke that they had been dating for more than a year. And on September 10, they exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony with guests like Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Evans & Alba Baptista: Romance Rewind

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Not to say they’ll ever have some sort of PDA tear. Evans, who activated every tractor beam in the multiverse when he said in July 2022 that he was “laser-focused on finding a partner,” knows from experience that the more attention the better isn’t always the case when it comes to his personal life.

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“Some things you want just for you,” he said People in November when he succeeded Marvel Pal Paul Rudd as Sexiest Man Alive, “or just for my family and my friends.”

Baptista, which played on Netflix Warrior nun for two seasons and appeared in the Oscar-nominated Mrs. Harris goes to Paris So far last year she has handled the extra attention she received deftly. But she’s had some practice on that front since she started acting at 15 in her native Portugal.

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“I try to stay true to myself,” she said GQ Portugal in 2020, she noted that before posting anything online, she first asked herself if she was really okay with the whole world seeing it. “What’s the fine line that determines whether the exposure is excessive or not? So I struggled with that. My followers suddenly increased a lot. But it’s a matter of balancing the balance, giving something that you think they want.” from time to time.”

Chris Evans’ dating history

The 26-year-old’s Instagram following has since grown to more than 700,000, but she can consider Evans’ 30 million as honorary ardent observers.

And while he has historically kept this part of his life hidden from inquiring minds, Evans has threw a little meat their way this year, making his relationship with Baptista Instagram official on Jan. 6 with a funny montage of them scaring each other by randomly saying “Babe!” while the other least expected it.

Chris Evans, Alba Baptista


Which, given the variety on display, they apparently get a huge kick out of.

He confirmed that they were still going strong a month later with a Valentine’s Day tribute featuring photos and videos of a series of good times we had together. “I think declarations of love are great,” Evans said People. ‘I love love. I’m such a loser.’

And while they’re still shy of a red carpet debut, Baptista showed up for the New York premiere of Evans’ action-rom-com on April 18 Spookywhich promptly became the most-watched film debut to date on Apple+.

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Interestingly, while the idea of ​​ghosting Evans sounds positively surreal, he says he’s experienced something much worse.

“I think I’d rather be ghosted because you can make up any story you want,” he said People. “I’ve had a slow decline in text responses, and you just know the person is casually pushing you aside.”

Again, unfathomable, but that was a while ago. Content was how he described the state of his life in November, just days before his relationship status became public.

“Very satisfied,” he added. “I can’t think of another word.”

The cutest moments of Chris Evans and his rescue dog Dodger

He didn’t go into details either. But the proud Bostonian has been quite candid about his desire to one day become a father, a role he’s been rehearsing for since adopting Dodger in 2015.

“I would love to have children,” he told E!. “But having a dog is certainly a good litmus test of how you handle responsibility.”

Whether he’s deciding on his next role, booking a vacation, or even staying out late, “there’s planning involved,” Evans explains. “And pets aren’t cheap. So they’re good training wheels for a child. While I’m sure anyone with a child would probably laugh at that, it’s probably not nearly the same responsibility. But I think it’s a good starting point.”

Incidentally, Baptista said in 2020 that she came around to the idea that motherhood would be in her future after years of assuming it wasn’t something she wanted for herself.

“It’s curious that throughout my career, as the career grows, I have less and less time for myself and I idealize a point where I can stop and have time for myself and my family.”

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When asked if she would redo anything from the past, Baptista said she was not one to have regrets.

“All the things that have gone wrong in my personal and professional life,” she said Vogue Portugal in 2020, “it happened in the most perfect way for me to be who I am and where I am.”

As they say, timing is everything.

And Evans considers himself a much better partner this to dawn.

Chris Evans, Alba Baptista, Valentine's Day celebrities


“You spend a lot of time learning what has been helpful and what hasn’t,” he said People. “We all have patterns, hang-ups, or baggage that repeat and echo, so I’ve been able to really identify where I need improvement and what’s working. I also really see the value and power behind saying ‘I’m sorry.’ If you can stay calm and listen in those vulnerable moments, I think that opens a door in a very healthy way.”

As for those two other little words that have a lot of value and power when you say them to the right person, Evans said exchanging vows was still “absolutely” something he wanted to do.

“When you read about most of the best artists,” he said, they were most proud of “the relationships, the families they created, the love they found, the love they shared.” Those things are the most important. I like the idea of ​​tradition and ceremony. I’ve had a lot of that in my life, so the idea of ​​creating that, I can’t think of anything better. “

This story was originally published on Tuesday, June 12, 2023 at 6 a.m. PT.

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