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A man received 217 COVID shots. Here’s how it affected him

(WJW) – A man from Germany was vaccinated 217 times over the course of 29 months, according to a study. Doctors recommend getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but not as often.

Scientists are now studying the effects of this ‘hyper-vaccination’.

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According to the investigation, the 62-year-old intentionally received 217 COVID-19 injections over a 29-month period, which equates to one injection approximately every four days.

While this number of vaccines goes well beyond national vaccine recommendations, it does give health researchers the opportunity to study what happens to the immune system when it is vaccinated against the same thing over and over again.

According to the study, the man has not reported any side effects and has never had COVID-19 until now.

According to the study, scientists concluded that the so-called “hypervaccination” did not produce any health effects, but also did not significantly improve the man’s immune response.

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According to the investigation, the man’s hypervaccination took place outside a clinical trial and was contrary to national vaccination recommendations.

“Importantly, we do not endorse hypervaccination as a strategy to enhance adaptive immunity,” the study says in part.

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