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A Minneapolis woman’s Kia has been stolen for the fourth time in a year

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis woman says she is at her wits’ end after her Kia was stolen for the fourth time on Thursday evening.

Her surveillance system has tracked every theft, but she says catching the thieves seems to be a problem for the police.

Mary Therring says this is what has happened to her since October, the first time her Kia Sportage was stolen from outside her apartment building near Loring Park.

“It’s frustrating because if you don’t have a garage where you can park it, you’re just much more susceptible to it,” Therring said.

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Despite having an immobilizer, a bat and a security camera pointed at her car, thieves decided to steal it anyway.

It’s part of an ongoing trend of thefts both in Minneapolis and across the country.

In 2022 alone, stolen Kias and Hyundais were linked to at least five murders, 13 shootings, 36 robberies and 265 car accidents in Minneapolis.

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Therring’s car was stolen for a second time in January and an attempt in March failed before being stolen for a third time in July.

“I just got it back two weeks ago and it was stolen again last night,” Therring said.

Surveillance footage shows that the thieves arrived just after 10 p.m. on Thursday evening

It only takes two and a half minutes for them to get into the car, bypass the security measures and exit the car park.

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“When people say, ‘Just get rid of it.’ I say, “Well, then give me the money to pay off my loan and a down payment on my car. And I’d be happy to do that,” Therring said. up the problem. You put the criminals in jail, or you take the vehicles off the road so they have nothing to do. “

Therring says she’s not sure what she’ll do next, but she knows what she won’t do.

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“I will never buy a Kia again, no matter how good they are. Never,” she said.

Earlier this week, a federal court declined to approve a settlement in a class action lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai for ease of theft of their vehicles.

Attorney General Keith Ellison has said he is considering a lawsuit against the automakers.

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