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Aaron Rodgers earned just $81.14 in performance pay in 2023, lowest in the league

Every NFL player is eligible for performance-based compensation. And apparently every player who played in 2023 got a check.

The player who received the lower of the two played only four snaps before tearing his Achilles tendon.

Via Adam Schefter of, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers received $81.14 in performance-based compensation.

Of course, he earned much more than that in salary and other compensation. From the league-wide pool, however, it was only $81.14.

He hopes to earn much more by 2024. Not for the money, but because it means he’s played way more than four snaps.

Rodgers has said he wants to play four more years. If the Jets don’t dramatically turn this around in 2024, it could be his last year in New York.

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