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According to Fulton County Jail records, the first co-defendant surrenders

Trump Investigations / Co-defendant Scott Hall in jail

Trump Investigations / Co-defendant Scott Hall in jail


(CNN) — Scott Hall, one of them 18 co-defendants of former President Donald Trumpturned himself in to the Fulton County Jail, according to the prison’s online database.

Hall, who works as a bail bondsman in Atlanta, was charged by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis with crimes related to his alleged involvement in the voting system breach in Coffee County, Georgia.

Scott Hall
Scott Hall, one of former President Donald Trump’s 18 co-defendants, has turned himself in at Fulton County Jail.

Georgia Senate

Hall faces seven charges, including the count of racketeering central to the Willis prosecution, as well as several charges stemming from the Coffee County allegations.

The Fulton County grand jury indictment charges Hall with conspiracy to gain unlawful access to voter data and ballot counting machines at the Coffee County Elections Office on January 7, 2021.

Hall obtained an identification number from an inmate on Tuesday and is currently in custody, according to court documents. On Monday, Hall signed a bond deal with Willis and is expected to be released after he is processed in prison.

Hall spent hours in a locked section of the Coffee County election office when voting systems were breached in January 2021. The breach was related to efforts by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists to uncover voter fraud. Hall was captured on office surveillance video the day of the breach. He testified before the grand jury in the Fulton County case, acknowledging that he had been given access to a voting machine.

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