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Adult themed drag shows should be kept away from children

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A transvestite parades during the Sheboygan County LGBTQ Alliance’s Pride Picnic at Sheboygan at City Green, Saturday, June 24, 2023, in Sheboygan, Wis.

Marcus Schroeder didn’t think it was right for drag queens to perform sexual feats in front of children, just as men would in a strip club, even to stuff dollar bills into underwear. So when he heard about this he decided to take a stand and along with some friends he took his Bible and went to the public park where this happened and started reading the Bible through a speaker system.

Now there are laws in our country against child sexual exploitation, so some arrests have been made. However, the police did not arrest those who sexually exposed themselves to young children. They arrested the two teenagers who were reading the Bible. This was not in China. This was in Wisconsin, USA

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Drag Queen shows are promoted all over the country, to my horror even here in Texas. In Dallas, there was one called “Drag the Kids to Pride” and it was held in a bar. One is being held in Waco called “Out on the Brazos” sponsored by businesses and some local churches. “Six Flags theme parks across the country host drag shows. They are so accepted in public libraries that protests are considered a hate crime and punishable by imprisonment. What amazes me most are the parents who take their children to these abhorrent exhibitions. Don’t tell me this is love. This is perversion leading to pedophilia.

When protesters chant “We’re here for your children” during the Pride Parade, pay attention. They mean it.

Billie Gorham, Burkburnett

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This article originally appeared on Wichita Falls Times Record News: Brief: Adult-themed drag shows should be kept away from children

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