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AGI Denim launches a regenerative cotton farm project in Pakistan

The AGI Denim Regenerative Cotton Farm Project, a partnership with the Rural Education & Economic Development Society (REEDS), a non-profit agricultural organization, aims to benefit 1,300 cotton farmers in the Ghotki region of Sindh, Pakistan.

This project focuses on implementing regenerative agricultural practices that minimize the use of chemicals, improve soil health and preserve biodiversity.

By working directly with farmers in close proximity to AGI Denim’s existing facilities in Sindh, the company aims to streamline its operations while reducing its carbon footprint.

The AGI Denim Regenerative Cotton Farm Project offers several key benefits:

  1. Sustainable agriculture

  2. Reduced transport impact

  3. Improved quality control through closer cooperation with farmers

  4. Faster lead times for end products.

To ensure the credibility and transparency of the project, AGI Denim is actively pursuing regenagri certification from certification body Control Union.

This certification will validate the company’s commitment to regenerative agriculture, human rights due diligence, carbon footprint minimization, and women’s empowerment through knowledge building programs.

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AGI Denim follows in the footsteps of another denim manufacturer, Hulpy, which, in addition to REED, also launched a regenerative agriculture project called Regenagri Initiative in March.

SRI project lead, Dr Muhammad Yousaf, explained at the time: “Regenerative agriculture isn’t just about maintaining the status quo – it’s about actively improving soil health and biodiversity.

“With SRI we prove that ecological restoration and the production of premium cotton are not mutually exclusive.”

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