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Air quality alert issued in the north due to smoke from wildfires; NEXT Weather Alert Day follows Wednesday

MINNEAPOLIS — Tuesday will be beautiful in the Twin Cities, with average temperatures and plenty of sunshine, but Wednesday will be a NEXT weather alert day due to potentially severe storms.

The Twin Cities will see a high of 83 on Tuesday, with light winds picking up in the afternoon. In the north it will be a few degrees warmer, while in southern Minnesota it will be slightly cooler.


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In the north, however, the National Weather Service issued another air quality alert due to Canadian wildfire smoke. The alert is in effect from Tuesday afternoon through 10 a.m. Wednesday and covers areas such as Bemidji, East Grand Forks, International Falls, Hibbing, Ely, Roseau, and the tribal nations of Red Lake and Leech Lake.

“Heavy ground-level smoke from wildfires in Canada’s Northwest Territories is rapidly moving across southern Manitoba and toward the Minn. border. The smoke is expected to reach northwest Minn. around noon on Tuesday. The smoke could reach as far as reaching south as Bemidji and as far east as Ely. The heaviest smoke will be over the northwest corner of the state. Winds in the region will turn southerly by Wednesday morning and the smoke will quickly recede,” NWS reported.

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Temperatures and humidity will rise on Wednesday. In the evening, storms will form in northeastern Minnesota and swing south during the night. Heavy wind gusts and hail are the biggest threats.

Dew points and temperatures will drop on Thursday, but both will rise again towards the weekend. A string of days over 90 degrees extends into next week.

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