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All hail the champions! Massapequa 12 and under team wins Little League Softball World Series

MASSAPEQUA PARK, NY — Congratulations are in order for the new Little League softball champions.

The Massapequa International 12 and under girls team just won the World Series.

CBS New York went to a watch party at Massapequa Park on Sunday.

“World Champion” sounds right for New York for the first time in Little League Softball World Series history.

Family and friends filled the Brady Park field. They were jumping and cheering as they watched their girls beat North Carolina 5-2. It was also the first time Massapequa girls ever competed in the tournament. Talk about winning big.

Members of the Massapequa International 12 and under team celebrate winning the Little League Softball World Series on August 13, 2023.


Some friends of the team members told CBS New York how hard the girls had worked this summer to get there.

“All summer, like missing some hangouts to go to practices. It all pays off. They work really hard and they absolutely deserve this,” said Kyra Maddock. “We are so proud of them. So are our emotions, as if our hearts were pounding as hard as theirs.”

Maddock and her friends watched intently as the final moments of the game unfolded. It’s been a busy summer for the 12 and under team, sacrificing time with their friends. However, they said it was all worth it.

“It’s just an incredible feeling because I’ve always dreamed of this and to make it happen is just insane,” said catcher Sienna Erker.

“Are we the best team in the world? I don’t know. But we are the champions,” manager Rich Eaton said.

Surreal is the only way Eaton can describe the feeling of having coached world champions, and let’s not forget to mention that the girls went undefeated throughout the tournament. The team celebrated a dinner party after the game and had a chance to talk to CBS New York.

“We trained like a professional team. We trained five days a week, two hours a day. We’re the number one Little League team in the world…in the world! That’s just unheard of for me,” said Eaton.

The girls and their manager credited the team’s close relationship with the historic victory. Their mantra is not to chase victories, but to chase excellence.

“They’re the ones who want to practice, not the coaches forcing them to practice. That’s what makes this group so special,” Eaton said.

Oyster Bay supervisor Joseph Saladino added: “When you see them on the field, they’re just kids, but you can see something in their eyes, that they’re grown. They’re cold-blooded. They think hard. They work hard and they deserve all the honors they have received, including now the title of world champion.”

The Massapequa Park community is planning a parade for the girls when they return from North Carolina.

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