HomeTop StoriesAntioch police texting scandal in the middle of Friday's court hearing

Antioch police texting scandal in the middle of Friday’s court hearing

Antioch police texting scandal in the middle of Friday’s court hearing

Antioch police texting scandal in the middle of Friday’s court hearing


MARTINEZ — Nine Antioch police officers involved in a texting scandal were ordered to testify by a judge Friday afternoon.

Their lawyers spent much of the day fighting the subpoenas.

Of the nine Antioch officers subpoenaed, Contra Costa County Supreme Court Justice David Goldstein granted only the request of Antioch Police Chief Steve Ford not to testify. Judge Goldstein said this was because Chief Ford took over the department a year after the texts at the heart of the scandal were exchanged.

Chief Ford also announced his resignation earlier this week.

“I want justice served,” said Shirelle Cobbs. “(I want) them to go to jail.” Her son, Trent Allen, was the subject of some alleged racist text messages.

Investigators said officers joked about kicking Allen in the head. Investigators also said in a report that some officers used the N word and compared black people to gorillas and monkeys.

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“(The officer) said he kicked his head like a field goal and he meant that because I looked it up. He was a professional football player in college. He meant that. He said his foot hurt. That’s how hard he kicked my son in the head,” Cobbs said.

Her son and three others are charged with murder and attempted murder in a 2021 drive-by shooting case.

Legal experts said that if the officers involved in the case are found to be racist and acted with racial bias in the case, the murder charges will likely be dropped.

“They already falsified police reports and everything else. Yes,[my son’s]case should be dismissed because these officers were on his case,” Cobbs said.

Many people were turned away from the crowded courtroom in Martinez because there weren’t enough seats.

Everyone wanted to hear from the officers, but the judge did not hear an expert witness until late in the afternoon. The judge said the hearing will take place on August 25.

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