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Arrest made in teen Everett’s shooting at school bus stop

There are new concerns even after the arrest of an Everett teen Friday in the shooting while he waited for the school bus.

Some residents are now concerned about their own students waiting for the school bus at the same stop.

Everett police made the announcement this morning. A man was arrested for allegedly shooting a 15-year-old boy while waiting for the school bus.

With classes set to resume tomorrow morning, some are concerned about the safety of others.

KIRO 7 spoke off camera with the boy’s grieving mother. She said she feels too much pain over her son’s death to talk about her son anymore. She also suggested that more arrests may be made.

But her neighbors are already feeling the impact of her son’s shooting just outside the mobile home park where they live.

“I woke up that morning to gunshots and heard gunshots,” Kathy Lindsley said. “Yes. More than one shot.”

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That was the rude wake-up call Lindsley got early Friday morning. A fatal shooting at the school bus stop just outside the Westgate Estates mobile home park.

She initially feared the victim could be her 12-year-old grandson as he waits at the same stop.

“I mean, that’s close to home for us,” Lindsley said, “really close to home.”

Everett police say the victim was a 15-year-old boy, shot and killed by someone who fled in a black sedan with silver or alloy wheels.

Then on Sunday morning they announced that an adult had been arrested. They would not confirm what we found on the Snohomish County jail roster: a 20-year-old man, arrested Saturday evening for investigation of first-degree murder, and held on $1 million bail.

“This particular neighborhood, for the most part, is pretty immune to this kind of thing,” says James Isaman.

Isaman, a resident of the mobile home park for six years, said he knows violence can happen anywhere. But until Friday, this corner of the world had been largely spared.

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“It just shows, and at least it shows me, it doesn’t really matter where you live,” he said.

Kathy Lindsley says the victim and her grandson often played together.

“He was a nice little boy,” Lindsley said. “Really polite.”

Now she’s worried he’s here waiting for the school bus.

“It’s just his mother and I’m scared to leave him alone at the bus stop,” Lindsley said. ‘But he’s twelve years old. He doesn’t want us to take him there, you know. So I do not know. I don’t know yet what we’re going to do.”

They have a few hours to decide.

The man arrested for the murder is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow.

The Everett Police Department is asking for your help. So if you know anything about this deadly shooting, you’re asked to call 911.

This is a development story. Check back for updates.

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