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Biden and Trump visit US-Mexico border amid clash over immigration

Joe Biden and his all-but-certain Republican challenger, Donald Trump, made dueling visits to Texas border cities on Thursday, a rare overlap that sets the stage for an election battle over immigration.

In Brownsville, along the Rio Grande on the border with Mexico, Biden implored Republicans to “show some backbone” and support a bipartisan border security deal. Earlier this month, they blocked legislation they had previously advocated after Trump voiced his opposition to the measure.

“It is long past time to act,” Biden said in his remarks, challenging Trump to “join me” in calling on Congress to implement the “toughest, most efficient and most effective border security this country has.” has ever seen.”

There was some speculation that the US president might announce executive action during his visit, but instead he again returned to complaints that the lack of progress is the fault of far-right Republicans in Congress.

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Hundreds of miles northwest of Brownsville, Trump, whom Republicans appear to want to choose as their candidate for president for the third time in a row, tried to rekindle fears of a wave of “migrant crime” fueled by Biden’s border policies.

“He is destroying our country,” Trump said from a park in Eagle Pass, which has become the center of a confrontation between the Biden administration and Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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While there, Trump promised an immigration crackdown that went far beyond what he had attempted during his first term, and promised to revive immigration policies that would allow for quick removal of people entering the U.S. without authorization entering, while at the same time promoting his signature border barrier.

“Walls work,” Trump said. Last year, the Biden administration cleared the way for border barrier construction to continue, breaking a campaign promise not to allow “another foot” of work on the wall.

Immigration has become one of Biden’s most acute political vulnerabilities ahead of the 2024 election. Ahead of his remarks in Brownsville, one of the border cities with the lowest number of unlawful border crossings, Biden met with U.S. Border Patrol agents, law enforcement and local leaders, praising their work and calling on Congress for more resources to support them.

A record number of migrants have crossed the southern border since Biden took office, driven in part by war, political unrest, gang violence and the climate crisis. Although border crossings dropped dramatically in January, they reached record highs in December, according to Border Patrol data.

Voters across the political spectrum have expressed growing concern about the situation at the border, and few, just 18% according to a Pew Research Center survey, are happy with the administration’s handling of it.

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In the survey, respondents most often cited “the economic costs and burdens associated with the wave of migration or security concerns” as their top concerns related to migration.

At the same time, a surge in immigration last year boosted population growth and boosted the U.S. economy.

Trump’s immigration plans include a pledge to carry out the “largest deportation operation” in US history, pledging to call in the National Guard to remove undocumented migrants already in the country, a proposal that would raises a tangle of legal questions about the use of the US. military to enforce domestic laws.

As president, Biden has sought to curb unlawful migration by stepping up enforcement and making limited expansions of legal routes into the US.

The White House backed a Senate effort to reach a compromise on the border, even backing an overhaul of the nation’s asylum system, which immigration advocates and progressives have decried as Trump-esque. But the deal fell apart over Trump’s desire not to deliver Biden a political victory on an important issue for his campaign. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said the bill would be dead on arrival.

Biden has vowed to remind voters of Trump’s interference.

Republicans, led by Trump, have blamed Biden. In Congress, they have tried to punish his administration by impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for alleged violations that even conservative legal scholars said were related to policy issues, not crimes. The Democratic-controlled Senate has indicated it plans to send the indictment quickly.

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Hours before the president and the former president arrived at the 2,000-mile border, a federal judge sided with the Biden administration and blocked a sweeping new Texas law that would give state and local police the power to arrest migrants suspected of crossing the US-Mexico border. border illegal. In a statement, Abbott said Texas would “immediately” appeal the ruling, claiming the state had the “right to defend itself” against what he has previously described as an invasion — a term that evoked skepticism and eventual rejection from the judge in stirred up the matter.

In January, the Texas National Guard took control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, effectively blocking federal Border Patrol agents from entering the 47-acre area. As part of Abbott’s crackdown on the border, they erected razor wire and closed access to the park. During the standoff, a mother and her two young children drowned in a nearby part of the Rio Grande. Texas authorities and the Border Patrol blamed each other for the tragedy.

The Supreme Court temporarily allowed Border Patrol agents to remove the wire established by Texas authorities, but state law enforcement is simply adding more.

Abbott, who joined Trump in Eagle Pass, reiterated that Biden “doesn’t care about Texas or the border.”

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