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Big Wave Surfers help rescue flood victims in Brazil

Big Wave Surfers help rescue flood victims in Brazil

Over the past two weeks, Rio Grande do Sul, a southern state of Brazil, has suffered its worst flooding in 80 years. As of Wednesday, at least 149 people have been killed, more than 100 people remain missing and more than 600,000 people have been driven from their homes, the report said. Associated press.

In response, a group of surfers traveled to the region on a fleet of jet skis to assist with rescue efforts. According to Portuguese YouTube channel Barena Film & Sports, the group consists of Lucas ‘Chumbo’ Chianca, Alemao de Maresias, Italo Ferreira, Pedro Scooby, Ian Cosenza, Rodrigo Koxa, Vitor Faria, Michelle des Bouilons, Iankel Noronha, Will Santana, Felipe Cesarano, Sergio Romani and more. They drove more than 24 hours from Rio de Janeiro to reach the flooded disaster area.

“We feel compelled to share this news not only to show our support to our Brazilian friends and family during this difficult time, but also to highlight the efforts of great surfers in the big wave surfing community who have extended their assistance beyond the sport. read the caption to Barena Film & Sports’ video documenting the rescue efforts. “The surfers not only use their jet skis for rescue operations, but also use their social networks to raise awareness and rally support for the flood victims. Despite challenges such as debris in the water, which can damage the jet ski turbines, the group remains determined to carry out their heroic tasks.”

The images not only show how dire the situation in Rio Grande do Sul is, but also how far the rescue workers have gone to provide help. Using jet skis normally seen lining up at Nazare, the convoy of surfers navigates the city’s flooded streets, bringing families to dry land and rescuing stranded animals.

“According to Lucas Chumbo, the current situation evokes a combination of emotions,” Barena added, “a deep melancholy seeing the events, yet a sense of inner peace knowing the efforts they are making to provide help.”

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