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Bodycam video shows NJ Transit officers saving the life of a choking child: “Stay with me, buddy!”

Joe Biden visits Wilmington, Del., on Tuesday. and more top stories

Joe Biden visits Wilmington, Del., on Tuesday. and more top stories


TRENTON, NJ (CBS) – Body camera video shows New Jersey Transit Police officers saving a 3-year-old child who was choking.

New Jersey Transit Police posted the video to social media Tuesday, saying officers responded to Trenton Station on April 16 around 9:45 p.m.

According to NJ Transit officials, police officers responded to a call for help coming from a migrant bus that had arrived from Texas. The private bus disembarked and the passengers would take the train to New York City.

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When officers arrived, they saw the child being carried off the bus. The officers noticed that the child was choking, but initial resuscitation efforts failed to clear the obstruction.

“Sgt. [Michael Filandro] grabbed the baby and started giving some back blows. I was just trying to keep the airway clear and see what was going on with the child,” K-9 Officer Timothy Geoghegan said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

The video begins with a passenger calling for help in Spanish and others calling an ambulance to take the child to a hospital.

“He’s turning blue,” an officer is heard saying about the child.

The police were already turning blue from lack of oxygen and knew that every second counted.

“You can see the kid’s status going downhill a little bit, where he started turning a little bluer and a little grayer, and then the sergeant tried to get him on the ground to perform CPR, still turning gray.” , Geoghegan said. “We saw that that didn’t really work and it was just determined that it was easier to put the child in the car.”

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The video then shows Geoghegan carrying the child into a police car and beginning to race to a nearby hospital with emergency lights and sirens. While Geoghegan is driving, another officer, identified as Sgt. Michael Filandro sits in the passenger seat with the child on his lap and performs chest compressions.

“Stay with me, okay?” you hear an officer say to the child.

When they leave the highway towards the hospital, the blockade appears to have been lifted.

By the time officers dropped the boy off at the hospital in Trenton, he was breathing and responding.

“He’s moving,” says Filandro. “Here we go, buddy.”

They then leave the police vehicle at a hospital.

“He’s breathing again… we just found him, we got out whatever it was, he’s moving,” an officer said.

“I think Officer Geoghegan and I both breathed a huge sigh of relief, yes, at that moment, yes, when we realized that the actions we were taking were successful,” Filandro said.

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While speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the officers quickly dismissed the idea that they are heroes.

Instead, the two credit the team around them for the successful outcome. Both said they were happy to be in the right place at the right time.

The department says it salutes every officer involved in the rescue.

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