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Brandon Aiyuk hasn’t “officially requested a trade” (and he doesn’t need to)

A strange but increasingly common issue arose last weekend on X, when a report surfaced that 49ers receiver Brandon Aiyuk has “ officially requested a transaction of the 49ers, per confirmation from my San Francisco source.”

Aiyuk’s agent, Ryan Williams, responded to the claim as follows: “You need better sources.”

Williams is right. Aiyuk has not “officially requested a transaction.” It is not necessary.

With Aiyuk no longer following the 49ers on social media, any team with any interest in Aiyuk has reason to call the 49ers.

A few weeks ago, such calls were answered (we are told) with the answer that Aiyuk is not available. At this point, when the draft was submitted ten days ago and the situation is still unresolved, why not call again?

There is also reason to believe that even though Aiyuk has not requested a trade, talks could take place to determine if other teams are interested in making a deal – with the 49ers’ knowledge and approval.

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That could be helpful for the 49ers. It could give both sides useful information about what its market might be.

The biggest challenge for the 49ers and Aiyuk will be determining his number. He will likely (and rightly) want at least the same deal the 49ers gave receiver Deebo Samuel.

It makes sense for the 49ers to figure this out now. Pay Aiyuk or trade him to someone who will and get 2024 draft pick compensation for him.

Trading him would be against the entire purpose of the draft/development model. Teams select players in the hope that they will become important members of the team. Aiyuk has; he was a second-team All-Pro in 2023. Why trade him?

The best-case scenario is that they would trade Aiyuk for a rookie who ultimately turns out to be pretty good as well. And then they have to pay him, or trade him, and do it all over again.

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If the draw is a lottery and each player is a ticket, Aiyuk was a winner. The difference for the NFL is that the jackpot is then paid by the ticket holder. It’s time for the 49ers, or someone else, to give Aiyuk his jackpot.

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