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Brock Purdy nearly doubles his salary thanks to a bonus from NFL’s performance-based pay

You may have heard this one or a few thousand times over the past few seasons: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL Draft.

As the last pick of the draft, Purdy isn’t high on the NFL salary scale. His contract is for $3.737 million over four years. His base salary last season was $870,000. You may have heard this too, but Purdy shares rent with a roommate and drives a Toyota.

When the NFL announced its performance-based bonuses on Monday, it was a pretty big deal for Purdy and several others at the lower end of the NFL pay scale. Purdy earned more than $739,000 from the bonus program, about 85 percent more than his base salary last season.

Maybe Purdy can help out a little more with the rent this month.

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Brock Purdy gets a huge bonus

The NFL’s performance-based pay program rewards players with lower salaries who get a lot of playing time. Purdy started 16 games for the 49ers and played well enough to help lead the 49ers to an NFC championship. The exact amount Purdy received was $739,795.

The leader in the bonus program was Baltimore Ravens guard John Simpson, a 2020 fourth-round pick who received $974,613. Simpson started all 17 games for the Ravens and played 99 percent of the team’s offensive snaps.

Purdy and others on that top 25 list, like Dallas Cowboys cornerback and 2023 All-Pro DaRon Bland, are in line for big new contracts soon. They’ve played out their draft position and can now get some extra money as compensation while they wait for those second contracts. That’s the point of the NFL program.

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Purdy should be making a lot of money soon. Purdy is in his second NFL season and will be eligible for an extension after his third season. As a successful quarterback on a winning team, he gets a deal that blows away his current six-figure salary.

Until that contract comes through, Purdy will have a lot more pocket money in his pocket thanks to his bonus.

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