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Celebrating our outstanding youth achievements

June 16 – As the Texas 4-H Roundup comes to a close in College Station, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is pleased to celebrate the remarkable achievements of their talented participants. These young individuals have shown exceptional skills, dedication and teamwork in various competitions. Let’s give a special shoutout to our standout achievers.

Food show

Audrey Herrin took a commendable fifth place in the Food Show, showcasing her culinary talents and creativity.

Science fair

Patricia Reed impressed the judges with her innovative science project, earning praise for her hard work and ingenuity.

Speaking in public

Sarah Beck delivered an excellent performance in Public Speaking, demonstrating her eloquence and confidence in front of an audience.

Livestock jury by invitation

The dynamic duo, Audrey Herrin and Elena Herrin, showcased their expertise in livestock judging and proudly represented our community.

Robotics challenge

Our 4-H Robotics team placed an impressive fifth in the Robotics Challenge, highlighting their technical skills and collaborative spirit.

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4-H Council in general

A special mention goes to Graycie Montfort, who ran for the 4-H Council At-Large and did exceptional work all week. Her leadership and dedication are truly commendable.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is incredibly proud of these young people for their hard work and dedication. If you meet these kids along the way, give them a high five for their outstanding performance.

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