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Childers will serve as a judge during Norrick’s suspension

May 30 – ANDERSON – Magistrate Jason Childers will preside over the Madison Circuit Court Division 5 during Scott Norrick’s suspension.

Norrick was suspended for 45 days following a disciplinary action by the Indiana Supreme Court.

The suspension takes effect on June 3.

Childers will remain as judge until July 18.

The duties assigned to Childers as magistrate will be performed by Senior Judge Dennis Carroll and other judicial staff.

In a press release, it was announced that Madison Circuit Court Judge Angela Warner Sims will serve as chief judge for the local court system through the remainder of 2024.

Norrick was chief judge of the judicial system.

There are no additional costs expected as a result of the changes.

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications filed disciplinary charges against Norrick in February.

The complaint states that between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2023, there were 40 criminal cases with missing citations and warrants.

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Norrick was elected judge in 2020.

The complaint states that Norrick was informed by the other judges and the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office of concerns about delays in entering court papers and orders in criminal cases.

It says Norrick was made aware that his court reporter at the time was experiencing a four- to five-week delay in completing file submissions.

Another finding by the commission found that an order electronically signed by Norrick granted parental custody of a child without notice to the other parent. This order was issued without a required hearing, the commission said, and did not meet the requirements of the Indiana Trial Rule of Procedure.

Norrick self-reported that his staff had made a mistake by electronically signing his signature to the modification order, and he withdrew the ruling the next day.

Another suit alleges that Norrick failed to process registrations and orders for Landmark Accounts cases he represented while working in his private practice.

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As court staff continued to issue numerous court orders and trial notes with Scott Norrick’s signature, it gave the impression that Norrick did not disqualify himself and presided over the cases in which there was a conflict.

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