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Chinese man sentenced after BBC exposure

Lu Ke said he made his videos to spread Chinese culture

A Malawian court has convicted a Chinese national of multiple charges, including human trafficking and soliciting children to participate in entertainment.

Lu Ke, also known as Susu, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, which he has already served in police custody.

He has been ordered to leave the country within seven days and must never return.

He was arrested last year following a BBC Africa Eye investigative report.

The report revealed that he filmed Malawian children and made personalized greeting videos, some of which contained racist content.

The videos were bought for up to $70 (£55) on Chinese social media and internet platforms.

When news of his offensive videos broke, he fled to neighboring Zambia when Malawian authorities issued a warrant for his arrest.

He was arrested and convicted of illegal entry into the country and subsequently extradited to Malawi.

He was not granted bail and is in police custody until his sentencing on Thursday.

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He faced 14 charges against him, including obtaining children for entertainment, child trafficking, illegal use of the internet and harmful social practices.

Lu Ke denied making derogatory videos.

In his defence, the court was told that he had already paid 16 million Malawian kwacha ($16,000; £12,500) to the government to compensate his victims and for community social responsibility activities.

He said he made his videos to spread Chinese culture to the local community.

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