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Chris Christie sees the news that makes Donald Trump “sick in the stomach.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) envisioned former President Donald Trump’s nightly fears on Thursday following news that a former Mar-a-Lago employee will testify against Trump in his classified documents case.

Christie said the personal demeanor of his old friend, who became a Republican rival in 2024, will contrast sharply with his bombastic response in public.

The testimony won’t “make or break” in this case, Christie said, but it will make Trump lie in his bed at night, staring at the ceiling, trying to remember every conversation he ever had with this man has. while his stomach is bothering him.’

And things will only get worse for Trump and Republicans, he warned.

“This is going to repeat itself over and over again in the months to come, Dana,” he said. “It is going to repeat itself in Georgia, when some of those co-defendants will invariably accept a plea deal and a cooperation agreement and will work together against Donald Trump. It could happen again on this issue, in the federal cases that are still pending, with people either indicted or not charged, co-conspirators.”

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The Republican party is facing a “drip, drip, drip” of bad news about their frontrunner, Christie said. It’s “the reason why he can’t be a nominee, and if he’s the nominee, he’s not going to beat Joe Biden.”


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