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Cicadas are coming to Massachusetts, but not this year

When will crickets next appear in Massachusetts?

When will crickets next appear in Massachusetts?


BOSTON – There are trillions of crickets set to emerge in the United States this spring. Although the buzzing insects won’t appear in New England until 2024, a unique group of cicadas is expected to appear in Massachusetts next year.

Professor John Cooley is studying crickets at the University of Connecticut.

“This year is not going to be a great year for cricket watchers here in New England and the Northeast,” he explained to WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben. “Next year we’re going to have something really interesting happening.”

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“Strange” brood of crickets

Brood XIV will emerge in 2025 and it is one of two broods found in New England. They appear every 17 years couples.

“Bread XIV is strange because it was found on Long Island and also on Cape Cod,” Cooley said.

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Map shows where periodical cicadas are found in the US

U.S. Forest Park Service

Those are “pretty unlikely places” for crickets to occur, Cooley says, because crickets typically thrive in deep forests and soil, not sandy beaches.

“These are rare and special,” he said.

‘More hurtful than you think’

The 2024 emergence is unique because for the first time in 221 years, two broods will emerge. They mate, molt their exoskeletons and die, leaving behind babies that burrow into the ground and remain inactive until the next cycle.

While cicada numbers are unprecedented this year, Cooley says there is no guarantee that the population in Massachusetts will be robust by 2025. He says researchers will view next year’s rise “with some concern.”

“The ones on Long Island have really declined over the last few turnouts, and the ones on the Cape are kind of moving in that direction as well,” he said. “They are more vulnerable than you think.”

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