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City removes bumps and islands along a 1-block stretch of North Apperson.

Mar. 1—The city of Kokomo is removing islands and curbing bumps along a one-block stretch of Apperson Way, following a request from a local church.

The media islands and most of the curbs on North Apperson Way between East Madison and East Havens streets will be removed this year. The project, which also includes resurfacing the road and installing new sidewalks, curbs and ADA ramps, is expected to receive bids at the March 20 Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.

Eventually, that stretch of North Apperson Way will have slightly wider lanes. Street parking will still be available.

Jon Pyke, director of the city’s engineering department, said the city will keep the curbs at East Havens Street since the intersection is a four-way stop and thus vehicles are less likely to hit them when they slow down to stop. .

Kokomo Mayor Tyler Moore said the moves are in large part due to a request from Second Missionary Baptist Church, 819 N. Apperson Way, and not an increase in traffic accidents in the area.

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The church’s pastor, William Smith, told the Tribune that the church requested the removal due to concerns about the safety of the congregation.

Smith said the trees installed in the median obstructed the visibility of the church’s congregation crossing the street. Those who parked on the street also felt unsafe opening the driver’s side door as there was very little space between them and oncoming traffic.

“It (bumpouts and medians) turned the street into a race track,” Smith said.

The curbs and medians on that stretch of Apperson Way won’t be the only ones removed this year.

As previously reported by the Tribune, the bumpouts at the intersection of West Jefferson and North Washington streets will be removed, as will nearby on-street parking, and dedicated left turn lanes will be reinstalled.

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