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Cold front will move through New Mexico tonight

Winds will continue into Monday night as a cold front sweeps across the state. Warm and windy weather will continue through the weekend.

It was a very warm start to the week in New Mexico on Monday. In the southeastern part of the state, temperatures hover around 100°C. Roswell tied a record high of 101°. In western New Mexico, a dry microburst produced 75 mph wind gusts in Farmington as a cold front moved through that part of the state. The cold front also brought windy conditions as it moved east. Including on the Albuquerque subway tonight. It also brings very light rain to parts of northern New Mexico. The front will continue to move east through the state through the rest of the night. Gusty winds will continue in eastern New Mexico through Tuesday morning.

The cold front will leave temperatures just a few degrees cooler Tuesday afternoon. Winds will also be lighter, but could still produce gusts of up to 45 mph in northern New Mexico. A backdoor cold front will move through eastern New Mexico Wednesday morning, leaving high temperatures a few degrees cooler in the eastern half of the state again Wednesday afternoon. However, by the evening a strong westerly wind will wash away the front.

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A rinse and repeat pattern the rest of the week (without the fluid). Temperatures will remain fairly consistent in the afternoon, with breezy winds every afternoon throughout the weekend.

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