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Danger! participant loses the game, but wins at love.

The second round of the Second Chance Competition has started Danger! this week, and it turns out that one of Monday’s returning contestants may have lost on the show before, but ended up winning love because of it.

The show has invited 27 past contestants for the first three weeks of its 40th season, with each week’s big winner advancing to the first-ever Champions Wild Card tournament later in the fall.

Monday’s episode brought back Matt Walks, a digital journalist originally from Billings, Montana, who first appeared on Danger! on March 18, 2021, finishing second with $1,599 in winnings while enjoying a category with cues from musician Sting.

The host of that episode was Katie Couric, who was a guest host for a few weeks at the time and whose presence on the Alex Trebek stage is credited with helping Walks’ love life. He explained it to Monday’s host, Ken Jennings.

“I had a great guest host in Katie,” Walks began. “And there was a woman in Oregon who watched the show just for Katie. And even though I didn’t win, I got a nice consolation prize because she tweeted at me, and now we’ve been dating for two years.”

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And as proof of this Danger!-themed love story, Walks pointed her out in the audience and she blew a kiss with a wave.

Jennings congratulated the happy couple and then thought a bit about how the whole thing came about.

“It takes a lot of confidence to watch Danger! and think, ‘I’m going to slide into that contestant’s DM,'” he said.

“She hit her shot,” Walks responded.

He finished Monday’s show in second place again with $15,999. But it just so happens that this second chance – along with finding love through a Danger! loss – is just part of Walks’ game show journey. He previously won $173,000 in a 2018 episode Defeat Shazam along with his father, Russell Walks, who was a one-hit wonder Danger! champion back on April 5, 2000.

And although he has the Danger! winning again, Walks is already winning in the game of love.

Danger! airs weekdays, check your local listings.

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