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Delicate premieres next month with the first of several installments — see the new poster

American horror story has always been full of surprises, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a shock that, after much mystery, FX has announced that Season 12 will drop much, much sooner than expected.

With little fanfare, the network revealed AHS: Delicate arrives September 20 and streams on Hulu. Not only that, but the new poster, which shows Emma Roberts’ Anna cradling a giant spherical spider as if it were her own pregnant belly, announces that the season will be split into multiple parts.

“Don’t worry. We’re holding you,” read the social media posts debuting the poster and premiere date.

Emma Roberts stars as Anna in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’

FX Emma Roberts stars as Anna in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’

AHS: Delicate adapts author Danielle Valentine’s new horror book Sensitive state, which hit shelves this month. It is the story of actress Anna, who has undergone numerous IVF treatments. She is convinced that there are forces at play that are stalking her and trying to thwart her pregnancy, even though no one will believe her, not even her husband. When she eventually gets pregnant, she miscarries – at least that’s what the doctors tell her. She still feels the fetus growing inside her and sees the physical toll the pregnancy is taking on her body.

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“It’s essentially a pregnancy horror novel,” Valentine previously told EW about her book. It’s a novel that explores not only the actual physical horror of what pregnancy is, but also the medical gaslighting that even modern, highly privileged women experience as they go through their pregnancies and the symptoms that I think we as a culture still experience. to have.” for strange reasons don’t talk about it.” While early praise for Sensitive state compared it to a modern, feminist one Rosemary’s babyclarified Valentine: “I was really much more inspired by Alienwhich I think will also give readers an idea of ​​where I’m taking this.”

Emma Roberts appears as Anna in the 'AHS: Delicate' teaser trailer

Emma Roberts appears as Anna in the ‘AHS: Delicate’ teaser trailer

FX Emma Roberts appears as Anna in the ‘AHS: Delicate’ teaser trailer

Spider imagery is clearly a big motif for the season. The first AHS: Delicate teaser, which arrived in July, revealed that Roberts, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevingne wore special glasses that mimicked an arachnid’s many eyes.

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Kardashian is the newest stunt cast for the franchise. Series creator Ryan Murphy once told The Hollywood Reporter that Halley Feiffer, who adapted the book for the show, “wrote a fun, classy, ​​and ultimately terrifying role specifically for Kim, and this season is ambitious and unlike anything we’ve ever done.”

Attitude Golden Globe winner Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and AHS veteran Zachary Quinto will also appear AHS: Delicate.

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