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Driver wanted for dragging officer during traffic control in Wissinoming

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police recovered the car they say they dragged a highway police officer during a traffic check.

The officer was released from hospital with bruised ribs and minor injuries. But an arrest warrant has been issued for Eddy Brito-Almonte, the 20-year-old alleged driver of the vehicle.

A warrant has been issued for Brito-Almonte’s arrest on charges of aggravated assault by vehicle, violation of the firearms law – no license – simple assault, fleeing from the police and other offenses.


Philadelphia police.

The car that the officer was dragging, a gray Tesla, is now parked on a property seized by the police. The vehicle reportedly towed a Highway Patrol officer in the Wissinoming section of the city at the intersection of Cheltenham Avenue and Charles Street during a Monday night traffic stop, leaving neighbors stunned.

“It’s terrible. They have no respect. They don’t care,” said Tom Rivers.

Police initially stopped the Tesla after seeing the driver drive a stop sign. Then the officer saw a gun lying on the floor of the car.

The officer went to grab the weapon, but according to the police, the driver took off. The officer held the car and was dragged half a block.

“Unfortunately some people are just freaking out and making this worse instead of just cooperating with the police and it makes it safe for everyone,” said Philadelphia Police Chief John Ryan.

The officer was eventually shaken off the car and fell onto the roadway. Audio reveals the panic in his partner’s voice in this police radio call.

“Vehicle just left at 4000 Cheltenham! Silver Tesla, he’s got a gun,” the officer said during the call.

Police later found the Tesla in the 700 block of West Cumberland Street in North Philadelphia — about six miles from the police stop in Wissinoming.


As for that officer, he is now recovering from a broken leg and other minor injuries – and is already thinking about his job.

“He’s been very lucky. And you know what, I talked to him this morning, he’s ready to go back to work, he wants to get out again,” said John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge.

As for Brito-Almonte, police say he left his driver’s license and registration with the officers. Police are now urging him to turn himself in.

“The person we’re talking about knows who he is, so it’s better for him to just come see us,” Ryan said.

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