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Drone shot over Russian Tver Oblast.

According to the Russian media outlet The Moscow Times, drones were shot down over Russia’s Tver Oblast, near the city of Zavidovo, where Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly has a residence.

The Kiev Independent was unable to independently verify this claim and Kiev has not commented on the alleged incident.

The Moscow Times also said that the wreckage of drones shot down over Moscow Oblast fell on a gas cylinder garage in Pavlovskaya Sloboda, resulting in multiple explosions.

Earlier on Sept. 5, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed two drones were shot down over Russia’s Kaluga Oblast and Moscow.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin claimed the drones were “trying to launch an attack on Moscow.”

Claims of drones shot down over Russian territory are becoming more and more common.

Late last month, Russia announced that its air defense forces had destroyed 42 Ukrainian-launched drones over the Crimean peninsula and one missile over Kaluga oblast.

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