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Dutch gangs target Germany for blowing up ATMs

Dutch gangs attacking ATMs with explosives have shifted their focus to Germany, police reported in The Hague on Saturday.

Last year, the gangs attacked eight ATMs in the Netherlands, compared to the 367 hit across the border in Germany, the report said. It added that 137 Dutch people had been arrested during the year for blowing up ATMs in Germany.

“It has become an export product,” a police spokesman said, adding that the gangs had also attacked ATMs in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.

The measures taken in the Netherlands to prevent these attacks have been relatively successful. The banknotes stolen in this way become unusable because they automatically stick together after an explosion. The number of ATMs in the Netherlands is also much lower, because cash payments are much more common.

Police in the two countries are working increasingly closer together and the number of attacks on German ATMs by Dutch gangs has fallen from a peak of 442 in 2022. In the first quarter of this year, the gangs hit 56 ATMs in Germany, one figure that is good. lower than last year.

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Sixteen Dutch people are due to stand trial next week in Bamberg in northern Bavaria on charges of blowing up some 90 German ATMs and stealing about €7 million ($7.5 million).

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