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ECISD praises the higher graduation rate

June 12 – Ector County ISD has the highest graduation rate it has seen in 22 years and Superintendent Scott Muri said there are several reasons for that.

The rate of 85.7 percent applies to the class of 2023 and is 2 percentage points higher than the year before. Information from the Texas Education Agency data is a lagging indicator and it takes about a year to collect all that data, Muri said.

The graduation figures include students who walked across the stage in May, but students still have until August to graduate. There is a summer diploma, so all these students are counted.

“We are actually still counting graduates for the class of 2024,” Muri said during his June 12 media call.

Muri credited the six secondary schools for the attention given to their students from junior year to senior year, providing support to struggling students, ensuring students and families know they can study the subjects get what they need to get, and see if there are any holes in them. student transcripts and utilizing summer learning opportunities more effectively.

Muri noted that the class of 2023 faced many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It really affected a lot of those kids, so (we’re) super proud of increasing the graduation rate amid all the challenges these students faced. With the class of 2024 having just graduated, they were starting their high school careers again at home, so they’ve been through some pretty big challenges as well. We know the pandemic is still a factor, especially early in their high school careers,” Muri said.

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For 2023, ECISD reported more than 1,800 graduates before the summer graduation ceremony.

This year there were approximately 1,900 graduates.

On another topic, he said that Bond 2023 is in full swing. “In fact, we are very happy to announce that we have already completed two quite important projects that were part of Bond 2023.

“The first project we completed was to renew our high school tennis courts. That project is now fully completed and (we are) excited to welcome our high school students back both this summer and in the fall as they have the opportunity to use those tennis courts,” Muri said.

The second item completed is the installation of Promethean Boards, which are electronic chalkboards in each classroom.

“Those of us who were in school many years ago remember the chalkboard. We have long since replaced that with digital tools for our teachers and students to use. All of our classrooms now have brand new tools that were either part of the bond or a part of an overall spending package that we have exercised,” Muri said.

Another bond project that ECISD has spent a lot of time on is the design and development of a new high school on South Tripp Avenue in West Odessa.

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“On Tuesday night, our board of directors spent quite a bit of time looking at the design of that high school, looking at the exterior design … and looking at the interior components – everything from the classroom to the art area to the athletic area, all the different parts of that particular high school ,’ Muri said.

Board members could review the plans and provide feedback.

“The next step in the process is we will continue to refine those elements, and then early this fall we will engage a group of stakeholders, members of our community, students, parents, teachers, administrators, who will actually be part of the process. of that school climate.

“We will ask them to do several things. First, what will be the new school mascot of that particular institution? What will be the school colors? What will be the name of that new high school? Many decisions still need to be made. We look forward to engaging our community in that decision-making process,” Muri added.

On the topic of Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP results, discussed at the June 11 board meeting, Muri said MAP is an assessment tool that ECISD uses to monitor students’ academic growth.

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“We use the STAAR test and the final exam to give us proficiency levels, but we use the MAP to tell us growth. This year’s MAP results indicated that we are growing in quite a few areas… It also presented opportunities for further work and the beauty of these data elements is that they tell us where to focus our attention.

“It helps us diagnose challenges we face organizationally. Maybe those challenges are within a particular grade level, or content area, or maybe even within school, but it also shows the areas where we have great strength. We use the MAP data to really inform the decisions that we make as an organization, so we’ll spend all summer unpacking and analyzing that data and then using that to make the decisions that we make as a school system and as individual schools as we entering the new year,” Muri said.

MAP is also an indicator to help the district anticipate what it might see from the STAAR results.

“We are also dealing with another assessment, so we know that some elements of this assessment have been challenging for students. We also know that we have had problems in several areas. We will also see some successes. I think we could see a mixed bag of results when the state announces it on Friday this week,” Muri said.

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