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Elkhart Police Department issues phone scam alert

Aug. 9 – ELKHART – The Elkhart Police Department has warned of phone scams by individuals claiming to be with the Elkhart Police Department.

Individuals posing as law enforcement are calling individuals in our area about alleged “injunctions” or fines, according to an EPD press release. Scammers tell victims to put money on gift cards or pay scammers through apps to get the warrants/fines revoked or “solved”.

“Elkhart Police Department is warning the public that a phone scam has returned to our area and our staff will never call you asking for money or gift cards to get a warrant revoked,” the release said.

Scammers can disguise their real number and make it appear on the caller ID as if they were calling from a local number or even the police number – this is called “spoofing”.

“This is a reminder that neither law enforcement nor the judicial system will contact you by phone to tell you that you have a warrant/fine and must send gift cards or money to have the warrant removed,” the release added.

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If someone gets a call like that, they should hang up. Anyone unsure should contact local law enforcement or the Elkhart Police Department at 574-295-7070 for verification.

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