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Ellettsville Chamber honors the area’s unsung heroes

Ellettsville thrives because of caring and dedicated community members who strive to improve the quality of life for all. Those who go the extra mile and work selflessly often slip under the radar. They work tirelessly in the background, with their contributions often going unnoticed or unrecognized.

The Ellettsville Chamber has officially recognized these individuals since 1998, first with the Maurice E. Endwright Community Leadership Award and now with the Spirit of Maurice E. Endwright Award.

Ellettsville is proud of the legacy Maurice left behind. He co-founded the Ellettsville Journal in 1939. In 1973 he was appointed executive director of the Indiana Commission on the Aging and Aged, where he made significant contributions. He helped found the Monroe County Fall Festival, the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce and the Community Brotherhood and co-founded the Ellettsville Lions Club.

The Spirit of Maurice E. Endwright Award honors individuals who, like Maurice, are passionately committed to our community and demonstrate integrity, philanthropy and compassionate care. The nominees for this award are distinguished by their active investment in the growth of the community and their commitment to its prosperity. They support and provide services to uplift the community.

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The Chamber also seeks out exceptional companies or entities that demonstrate exceptional vision, dedication, service and leadership while improving the well-being of all our citizens. These companies demonstrate creativity and innovation in the areas of job creation, product development and services. They advocate environmental awareness and promote employee growth opportunities. To be considered for recognition, nominees must be active and committed Chamber members who have been in good standing over the past year and have an established presence as businesses or organizations serving the Ellettsville community.

The Educator of the Year Award was established in 2014. This prestigious award honors those who have made exceptional contributions to the field and left an indelible mark on the lives of students and the education sector. Whether teachers, administrators, board members or community figures, nominees are recognized for their continued commitment to excellence. To qualify, candidates must demonstrate a history of transformative contributions to education, have a tangible impact on student learning, cultivate a shared vision of academic excellence, and serve as a source of inspiration to students and educators.

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The Chamber’s annual meeting and awards dinner will take place on Thursday, October 24. Visit the Chamber events page at ellettsvillechamber.org for more information and to submit a nomination. Nominations from MPs and the general public will be accepted until August 23, 2024.

Jill Thurman is an administrator at the Greater Ellettsville Area Chamber of Commerce.

This article originally appeared in The Herald-Times: It’s Your Business: Ellettsville Chamber honors area’s unsung heroes

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