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Euclid made five charter changes on March 19

March 2 – Euclid voters will have five proposed charter changes on the ballot during the March 19 primary.

The Charter Review Commission reviews the City Charter every eight years and considers potential changes for voters.

The five proposed amendments this year include one to replace the previously all-male pronoun wording in the Charter, to be gender neutral, to reflect membership of the modern Charter’s Review Commission and to streamline the text within the Charter itself.

The change in wording was due to the committee discovering during its review that most pronoun references in the charter were masculine-skewed.

“When we looked through the Charter, everything in it had more male pronouns,” said committee member Kandace Jones. “So to make the charter easier to read and reference, we felt the gender-neutral terminology should fit into place.”

Another proposed charter amendment would introduce language allowing the City Council to rule on the election and qualification of its own members and removal, according to a preview ballot on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website.

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If passed, the amendment would clarify the process of removing a council member. According to Jones, the process was already present in city procedures, but the review committee wanted to include the language itself in the City Charter to clarify the process for the public.

“So it’s known that this process can be done because if someone doesn’t know it’s in the administrative code, how do you know it’s there?” Jones said. “And a resident can come to the council and say they would like to move forward with investigating the dismissal of a council member.

“There were procedures in place to do that, but there were no references in the charter and the charter review commissioners felt that that should at least be referred to.”

In two separate amendments to the statutes, the committee will seek a two-year residency requirement for anyone seeking election as mayor or to the city council. The amendment for council members includes a clause that they must live in their respective district for at least one year immediately prior to their election or appointment, according to a preview ballet on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website.

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Jones said the reasoning behind making the demands was to ensure whoever was running for office had an idea of ​​what the community and city need in a representative.

“Just to make the commitment so that someone lives in the city for at least two years,” Jones said. “They will know at least something about what is happening in the city, and for the councilor in their ward, they will know firsthand the residents of the ward and the conditions and issues facing the ward.”

The latest amendment to the statutes would remove the requirement that Euclid introduced regarding election petition circulators. Previously, anyone handing out petitions for elective officers in the past had to live in Euclid. This is contrary to the Ohio Revised Code, which states that Ohio residency is the only residency requirement.

Jones said the charter change would bring Euclid into compliance with state guidelines.

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