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Every issue of “Ford Times” magazine from 1964 through 1981 is available online

(CBS-DETROIT) – Vintage issues of the magazine formerly printed by Ford Motor Company have been made available online, giving people a look back in time for every issue printed between 1964 and 1981.

The Ford Times magazine debuted in 1908 and was initially intended to communicate information about Model T offerings, parts availability and more, but in 1910 the company expanded its audience to include consumers.

The monthly publication then included art, information about car products, recipes, restaurant and travel advice and other fun lifestyle-related topics.

The automaker stopped producing issues of the magazine in 1917 as the US entered World War I. Publication resumed in 1943, and until the end of World War II, the issues included articles on patriotic activities, minimizing waste, and other information about being a good citizen.

In 1946, the magazine was rebranded as a consumer-oriented publication. Each issue of the Ford Times featured information on restaurants and travel destinations as the baby boom generation used the highway system to road trip with their families.

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In addition to the magazine, the company published standalone cookbooks with recipes shared in Ford Times issues.

According to Ford Motor Company, Ford printed nine cookbooks through 1979 and sold more than 1 million copies.

Due to the success of Ford Times, it was printed for readers in the United Kingdom and Canada, and other publications were launched.

Ford made the 1964 to 1981 issues available online through its Ford Heritage Vault.

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