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‘Exuberant and Grateful’: Cancer Survivor Meets Stem Cell Donor Who Saved His Life

Cancer patient meets stem cell donor who saved his life

Cancer patient meets stem cell donor who saved his life


BOSTON — Joyful tears and grateful hearts at a celebration of life in Boston Thursday night. At a gift of life marrow registry fundraiser, a New England lymphoma survivor met the selfless stranger from South Carolina, who gave him the most priceless gift.

“When someone gets a new lease of life, how can you be anything but exuberant and grateful,” said Wayne Misselbeck of Vermont.

Misselbeck spent his career caring for others as an ER doctor. Then, at the height of the pandemic, a blood stem cell transplant was needed to stay alive.

“The opportunity to walk down the aisle with my daughter to be there when she had my first grandchild is an exceptional experience,” he added.

Stem cell donor reunification
Wayne Misselbeck and Cory Beck

CBS Boston

Precious milestones as a father and grandfather…made possible by a stranger’s love for his own children.

“When I donated, it was okay when my wife was pregnant with our first child, and I thought about what if this happened to one of my children?” said donor and father of three Cory Beck.

The donation may have been for Wayne, but the celebrations and all the simple moments in between… are a miracle for all who love him.

“He’s present in our lives, he’s active in the church. He’s alive. This is perfect. Now that we know Cory and Lindsey, our family is only growing,” said Wayne’s wife Jennifer.

Cory said the process of joining the registry couldn’t have been easier — inspiring many others to take the quick and painless Pap smear for a chance to be someone’s miracle. You can request a Pap smear at www.giftoflife.org/swab.

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