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Fairmont annual levy to raise $2.7 million in revenue to run the city government

April 17—FAIRMONT — Travis Blosser, Fairmont’s incoming city manager, took a break from watching the paint dry in his new Fairmont home to attend a special session of the Fairmont City Council on Tuesday.

“I haven’t attended a single meeting since my contract was approved, this was the first,” Blosser said. “I have been watching the council meetings to familiarize myself with the discussions that the council is having so that I am somewhat prepared when I take office. My first official meeting will be on May 15.”

The meeting gave Blosser’s paint no additional time to dry. After three minutes, the city council approved the rates for the 2024-2025 financial year. It is the final step in the city’s annual budget approval process.

According to the levy documents in the city’s meeting packet, the levy rates for the upcoming fiscal year will be $12.50 per $100,000 of personal property assessment. For real property, personal property and public utilities classified in grades II and IV, levy rates will range from $25 to $50 per $100,000 of assessment. In total, the city expects to raise a net amount of $2.7 million.

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“It is the result of five months of meetings and hard work,” says financial director Priscella Hamilton.

Blosser took the opportunity before and after the meeting to have a chat and get to know his future colleagues. As his onboarding went smoothly, Blosser met with interim City Manager Janet Keller, department heads and Police Chief Steve Shine.

There is an agenda item for the fire chief on Friday so Blosser can familiarize himself with what each department is working on and what their needs are before taking on his role. This will help him be more productive when he starts on May 13th.

Blosser still has business to take care of in Charleston before he is in Fairmont full-time, as he continues to perform some of his duties as executive director of the West Virginia Municipal League. These should be completed by the first week of May, he said.

The first few weeks on the job will be busy, Blosser said, but he’s looking forward to being in the community, meeting people and hearing their ideas and thoughts about the city. He is also looking forward to being in his hometown permanently.

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But for now, Blosser is excited about what comes next. He loves what he does. The city government beats paint at the very least.

“I think the city council is a lot more fun than watching the paint dry,” he said.

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