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‘Fallout’ Debuts at No. 1 with 2.9 Billion Minutes Viewed, Best Single-Week Viewership Ever for an Amazon Show

“Fallout” debuted as the most-streamed title of the April 8-14 viewing period, reaching the highest viewership ever achieved by an Amazon Prime Video title in a single week. The video game adaptation was watched for 2.9 billion minutes in its first five days of availability, surpassing the previous best week record set by “Reacher” by more than a billion minutes.

This also marks the 39th highest number of viewers achieved by any title on any service in a single week. Of the 38 slots above “Fallout” on that list, 22 are taken up by individual weeks of “Stranger Things,” “Ozark” and “Suits.”

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Interestingly enough, Amazon isn’t claiming “Fallout” as its biggest debut ever. The company says the series reached 65 million viewers worldwide in its first 16 days of availability, ranking second behind “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of power”, although no 16-day statistic for Rings of Power was provided.

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“The Rings of Power” had a significantly smaller Nielsen debut than “Fallout,” with 1.3 billion minutes watched — though there are differences between these data points. For example, the rating for “Rings of Power” shows two days less than the rating for “Fallout,” and Nielsen measures only in the US, while Amazon counted global viewers. Therefore, “Fallout”’s victory here could be explained by a larger share of American popularity, although Amazon did note that “Fallout” was a global hit, with 60% of viewers coming from abroad.

Understanding the context – or lack of context – surrounding Amazon’s messaging is critical. The company hasn’t disclosed its measurement method, so it’s unknown how much of the show each viewer has completed before it’s counted, and this could range from a few minutes to the entire season. Therefore, there is a possibility that “Fallout” could also surpass “The Rings of Power” if first-hand data were used differently.

Besides “Unlocked: A Jail Experiment,” which debuted at No. 6 with 889 million minutes watched in its first five days, the rest of the Top 10 titles were repeats from the previous week.

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First, check out Nielsen’s list of overall streaming rankings for April 1-7, followed by original streaming titles, acquired titles, and then movies.

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