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Families move indoors to escape the heat

EDINA, Minn. – Families do what they can to cool down. The beach at Wirth Lake in Minneapolis was busy Tuesday as temperatures soared into the triple digits in some parts of the state. However, other Minnesotans avoided the outdoors altogether.

“I come here three or four times a week and it’s usually pretty busy,” says Kristy Thiele.

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Friends Kristry Thiele and Chrissie Bonnes were some of the few people seen at Centennial Lakes Park in Edina.

“It’s definitely more than a little uncomfortable. I’m a warm weather person. Normally I really like the heat, but this is even too much for me,” said Bonnes.

It’s dangerously hot, especially for people who work outside, like Centennial Lakes Park maintenance worker Dan O’Connell.

“The heat hurts me, man!” said O’Connell.

He took air conditioning breaks and drank a lot of water.



“Lots of water. I probably drank two bottles of water from my Gatorade bottle right now,” he said.

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The summer heat brought families indoors at the Edinborough Indoor Playground in Edina.

“This is a place we normally come in the winter, but it was open all summer and we thought it would be a good way to find some air con and still let them run around and burn off that energy,” said parent Yvette Scanlon. .

Brad Johnson and his family are visiting relatives in Minnesota this week. He said he came to Minnesota to escape the Virginia heat, but now has to change his plans because of the heat here.

‘Indoors for sure. Maybe go to the movies,” Johnson said.

The heat canceled quite a few summer programs and events in the Twin Cities on Tuesday.

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