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Federal court denies motion to reopen lawsuit over Michigan’s 2020 election results

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Residents want I-375 project halted, cousin found guilty of Zion Foster murder and more top stories


(CBS DETROIT) — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has denied a motion to reopen a lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 election results.

The court denied an appeal filed by attorneys Gregory J. Rohl, Brandon Johnson, Howard Kleinhendler, Sidney Powell, Julia Haller and Scott Hagerstrom, according to a news release. The lawyers are also not allowed to file further complaints unless the court approves it.

“Any attorney who knowingly makes false claims in court undermines the rule of law,” Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a statement. “The attorneys involved in this meritless election case breached their professional obligations, and this stunt is just their latest attempt to avoid the sanctions they owe the State of Michigan. I am pleased that the Court rejected this frivolous attempt to serve justice to circumvent has rejected.”

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Nessel said her office will pursue payment of the penalties the attorneys owe the state. This comes after U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker imposed the sanctions in August 2021, ruling that the lawyers abused the legal system by challenging the state’s election results in President Biden’s favor.

In June 2023, a Sixth Circuit panel upheld the sanction imposed by Parker. Furthermore, in April 2024, the Supreme Court denied a repeat of the sanctions.

Multiple recounts in Michigan showed that Biden won the election by about 150,000 votes. A investigation by the Senate Oversight Committee no widespread or systematic fraud identified.

Last month, Nessel refused to open a criminal investigation John Poulos, CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, who testified before the oversight committee in December 2020.

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