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Former NBA referee calls Chris Paul ‘one of the biggest holes I’ve ever faced’

2024 SoFi Play-In Tournament – Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

One thing that happens every year during the NBA playoffs is an increase in fan complaints about officiating (this year, those voices reflect growing complaints from players and coaches). That anger is often directed at a few specific referees, with Scott Foster at the top of the list.

A few players have problems with Foster, including Chris Paul, who has been very publicly about that. In an article in The Athletic on Foster, Jason Quick interviews former NBA referee Bill Spooner, who worked for 32 NBA seasons. He stood up for Foster and shot at CP3.

“I’m going to tell you, and I know you’re recording me, but I get asked all the time, ‘Who are some of the tough guys, some of the bad guys?’ And when I tell them that Chris Paul, in my 32 years in the league, was one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever dealt with, they say, “Not Rasheed Wallace… or da-da-da?” No. There’s nothing like (Paul),” Spooner said. “And they say, ‘Oh, he seems like such a nice guy.’ And I say, ‘Yes, he’s a great image cultivator.’

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Two things can be true.

Foster has an ego and things can get personal on the field, which is a quick trigger for some players. Plus, Chris Paul is ultra-competitive and can be a jerk – his teammate from last season, Draymond Green, said this even before they were both on the Warriors. It’s not really shocking that CP3 and Foster are clashing.

What won’t change is Foster getting big match assignments; he remains one of the league’s top-rated officials as they go over games and rate referees. The highest-rated officials call the biggest games.

Chris Paul’s personality won’t change either.

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