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Former Rochester social worker forced to quit his practice after allegations of sex crimes

Aug. 15 – ROCHESTER – A former social worker in Rochester has been ordered to stop practicing by the Minnesota Board of Social Work following a sexual assault charge in Olmsted County District Court.

The board issued a ruling to stop practicing on August 14, 2023 against Mandy Erin Hyland, 42, of Stewartville. She was charged in June with third-degree criminal sexual conduct while in a prohibited professional relationship.

Hyland was working as a licensed independent clinical social worker for a psychology firm in Rochester when she reportedly passed out

sexually assaulted by a man who saw her as a client.

Minnesota Statute

exclude certain professions,

such as psychologists and massage therapists, from entering into sexual relations with clients.

The determination is not considered a disciplinary action, as per the order of the board, and no disciplinary action will be taken provided it complies with the order.

The board may resume the investigation of Hyland after the conclusion of her criminal case.

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If Hyland violates the provision, the board can file a case with the Office of Administrative Hearings, and if an administrative judge finds she has violated the provision, she could face disciplinary action such as suspension or revocation of her license.

Hyland was first licensed as a self-employed clinical social worker in 2012 and as a licensed social worker in 2008.

Her next trial is scheduled for September 21.

According to the criminal indictment:

Hyland is accused of sexually assaulting a male client of hers and entering into a relationship that caused him fear and confusion due to his constant entanglement with Hyland.

The Rochester Police Department began an investigation into Hyland following an April 5, 2023 report from the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center.

In addition to sexually assaulting her client, Hyland sent explicit photos of herself to the man, including at least one photo she sent from her former workplace, police say.

Law enforcement has video confirming the couple’s forbidden relationship.

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Police reviewed text messages sent to the man from Hyland, which also confirmed the allegations.

“I love you [the man]. I want to love you forever. I want you to love me forever,” Hyland reportedly wrote in one text.

Hyland’s former colleagues told police she had separated from the Rochester office following the revelation of her behavior with the man.

“(The man) said he became attached to Hyland while she was his therapist because she was the only person he could trust,” part of the complaint states.

The man has unsuccessfully tried to cut off contact with Hyland, authorities said.

Those experiencing sexual exploitation can call a 24-hour crisis line at 507-289-0636 to speak to someone who can refer you for help.

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