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Fort Worth resident spends $50 to win $5 million on ‘Ultimate’ scratch-off ticket

Fort Worth resident spends  to win  million on ‘Ultimate’ scratch-off ticket

A Fort Worth resident is $5 million richer after purchasing a $50 lottery scratch ticket.

Who won the Texas scratch-off ticket?

According to WFAA, a winner from Haslet, who remains anonymous, purchased the winning ticket at Mighty Convenience, located at 13075 Saginaw Boulevard in Tarrant County. According to lottery officials, the ticket was part of the Texas Lottery’s $5 million Ultimate scratch-off game.

How is the Texas ‘$5,000,000 Ultimate’ scratch game played?

Scratch-off tickets in Texas typically involve purchasing a ticket from an authorized retailer, such as a convenience store or gas station. Each ticket has a series of hidden areas that players can scratch away to reveal symbols, numbers or prize amounts.

The specific gameplay and rules vary depending on the specific scratch game, but generally players aim to match certain symbols or numbers with predetermined winning combinations listed on the ticket.

Prizes can range from small cash amounts to larger jackpot wins, and some tickets may also offer additional features such as bonus games or second chance draws for extra chances to win.

How many people can win the scratch game ‘$5,000,000 Ultimate’?

The game offers four chances to win $5 million, of which only one has been claimed so far. Although the top prize is limited to four winners, there could be a total of 258 winners securing $10,000 each, with 146 already claimed, according to the Texas Lottery.

Where can people see the current winners and prizes available for scratch cards?

You can see what prizes are still available, claim prizes or check the current game status with the Texas Lottery.

This article originally appeared on Austin American-Statesman: Texas resident wins $5 million jackpot with $50 scratch-off ticket



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