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Free backpacks, haircuts and more offered at the fifth annual back-to-school event for Detroit students

(CBS DETROIT) – In an effort to empower Detroit students and build trust within the community, the 5th Annual Back-to-School Empowerment Event will take place this Thursday from 4-8 p.m. at Madame Cadillac Hall at Marygrove College.

Organized by the Detroit City Lions Youth Club, this event has become a regular part of the city’s annual calendar, providing students with a variety of valuable services and resources.

Initiated by Joe and Brionna Barksdale in 2017, the event has become a highly anticipated opportunity for local students and families.

Participants can look forward to a range of offerings designed to boost self-esteem and provide essential support for going back to school. In particular, this year’s event will include free space-themed designer bags, a creative initiative to spark student enthusiasm for education while equipping them with functional gear.

In partnership with local businesses and community sponsors, the event also offers complimentary services including haircuts, manicures, and snacks. Uncle Rays, a prominent sponsor, will provide complimentary snacks to enhance the experience for all attendees.

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“The Back-to-School Empowerment Event is all about creating a positive and inspiring environment for Detroit students,” said Brionna Barksdale, co-founder of the event. “We believe that by providing them with resources such as designer bags, grooming services and snacks, we can boost their confidence and motivation as the new school year begins.”

Known for its commitment to youth development and community involvement, the Detroit City Lions Youth Club is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of local students.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating the fifth year of this event,” said Devon Buskin, president of the Detroit City Lions Youth Club. “It is heartwarming to witness the impact this has on student lives, and we hope to continue to inspire and support the Detroit community for years to come.”

The Back-to-School Empowerment Event is a shining example of their commitment to this mission. As the event approaches, excitement within the Detroit community grows.

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Families, students and organizers are gearing up for an evening that promises not only practical help, but also a boost of confidence and encouragement as students begin a new academic year.

For more information and event updates, interested parties may visit the official Detroit City Lions Youth Club website or contact the event organizers directly.

Registration is required for the event and children must be present to receive their bags and school supplies.

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