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Gas station shooting victim is suing ExxonMobil for $150 million

(CBS DETROIT) – A second Detroit gas station triple shoot victim has reported. The lawsuit alleges that the Exxon Mobil clerk on duty the night of the shooting was negligent when he locked the doors and prevented the victims from running away from the gunman.

David Langston was one of three people shot by a gas station customer at an ExxonMobil in Detroit on May 6. Langston’s best friend, Gregory Kelly, was killed in the shooting. Langston has since said he doesn’t smile anymore.

“I don’t even know how to be happy. Like now, I really can’t talk. It’s sad, that was my brother,” Langston said.

The shooting occurred after the clerk locked the doors of the gas station to prevent the suspect from stealing an item costing less than four dollars. The suspect threatened to shoot if the door wasn’t locked, the customers inside said they begged the clerk to open the doors, but he didn’t, and the suspect shot at them.

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“I saved a bullet from hitting my head.”

Langston was shot in the back, side and hand and has since undergone multiple surgeries. His best friend was killed and a third customer was injured.

“I’m always scared, I’m always looking behind my back. Post-traumatic stress is strong for me right now.”

He is now suing ExxonMobil for $150 million.

“There is no amount of money that will make up for what he went through, but we will do our best by holding ExxonMobil and everyone else who played a role in this situation accountable,” said attorney Michael Fortner.

Langston’s lawyers said this is not an isolated incident and additional training is needed.

“I believe the lawsuit is necessary to provide accountability for training practices across the city, through the state, and to have a cost-benefit analysis to let people who are employed know that a human life outweighs the value of all the inventory they have to sell.’ said attorney, Vonda Evans, attorney.

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They said they plan to file an additional lawsuit this week.

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