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German Greens turn to TikTok for the European elections

The German Greens plan to reach younger voters via TikTok in their campaign for the European Parliament elections in June.

The party’s top candidate Terry Reintke said the move was intended to show how important young voters and new voters were to the party, which has traditionally focused on environmental issues.

While there were concerns about the use of the Chinese social media platform for campaigning, the Greens “did not want to leave this space to the far right,” party director Emily B√ľning said.

In the European elections that will take place from 6 to 9 June, the German Greens will campaign under the slogan ‘Do what counts’.

The party’s focus would be on the future of the European Union’s Green Deal, aimed at making the bloc carbon neutral by 2050, said Reintke, who has been a member of the European Parliament since 2014.

Reintke accused conservative and far-right forces of “taking an ax against the Green Deal.”

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German Greens leader Omid Nouripour said the party would focus on three themes: “peace and security, prosperity and climate protection, and democracy and freedom.”

Opinion polls put the Greens at between 11% and 16%, well below the 20.5% they achieved in the 2019 European elections, their best result yet.

The party also plans to hang posters across Germany with slogans promoting democracy and freedom, with the aim of resisting the “huge shift to the right” they expect in the elections.

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