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German Shepherd accused of attacking at least 4 small dogs on the Upper East Side, fatally injuring 1

NEW YORK Neighbors say an Upper East Side dog owner lets her pet terrorize other animals, fatally injuring one.

East 92nd Street residents say a German Shepherd viciously attacked at least four smaller dogs.

In one attack, the dog is accused of biting the spine of Akiba Tripp’s toy poodle named Baby. The seriously injured dog has died.

Laurie Davis says her Cavachon, named Chloe, was also attacked.

“Her whole back here was completely ripped out,” Davis said. “She had to have emergency surgery. She was in intensive care for three days… The police came and because it was dog-on-dog, they wouldn’t do anything.”

The owners of both small dogs say they are suing 58-year-old Lynda Hudson, who owns the German Shepherd, along with four other large dogs, and until recently kept them day and night in the bookstore she owns.

“She refused to do the things a responsible owner would do… like take the dogs out of town. Don’t leave them in the basement of your store,” said Upper East Side resident Emily Hammer.

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“I’ve seen them attack other dogs, but I just want everyone to be safe,” said one person.

Some bookstore customers told CBS New York they heard from the store’s owner, who said it will remain closed for the rest of the summer.

“She also just contacted me and said the store would be closed until September,” said Upper East Side resident Fred Gross.

CBS New York’s Dave Carlin spoke to Hudson by phone. She said she is now in Westchester County with all her dogs and preparing for a long trip to France. Her store won’t open until Labor Day, she says.

When asked if she had a message for her neighbors, she said, “I’m really sorry. I thought I had it under control. I never meant for anything to happen.”

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